Judge asks if brothers have any brain cells after town centre gun incident

Ipswich Crown Court Picture: CHARLOTTE BOND

Reece and Blake Bishop from Colchester have been given a community order - Credit: CHARLOTTE BOND

A judge has told two brothers who were arrested after one of them was seen pointing a “realistic” imitation gun at a woman in a busy Colchester shopping centre that she “wondered if they had a brain cell between them".

Sentencing Reece Bishop, 25 and Blake Bishop, 22, Judge Emma Peters said: “It defies belief that people can be so stupid in the current climate.

“Frankly I have to wonder whether you have a brain cell between you."

Judge Peters said the men were seen darting into an alcove in Red Lion Walk shopping mall and Reece Bishop was captured on CCTV cupping the realistic looking pistol in both hands with his arm outstretched and pointing it at a woman who was walking away from him.

“Frankly you look like the kind of people seen on CCTV in terrorist situations where they point weapons at people and kill them,” said the judge.

“Sadly we live in a world where terrorism is part of this world,” she added.

Reece Bishop, of Haven Road, Colchester, and Blake Bishop, of Harvey Crescent, Colchester, admitted possessing an imitation firearm on January 20 and were each give a two year community order, a 40 day rehabilitation activity requirement and ordered to pay £200 costs.

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Reece Bishop was ordered to do 180 hours unpaid work and Blake Bishop was ordered to do 120 hours unpaid work and they were both ordered to attend a Thinking Skills course.

Judge Peters warned the pair that if they breached the community order they would be brought back in front of her and would be dealt with more severely.

The court heard on Monday (November 15) that on January 20 at 1.20pm the brothers were walking along Red Lion Walk in Colchester town centre after leaving the nearby magistrates court where Reece Bishop had made an appearance.

CCTV operators began watching the brothers after a member of the public saw the men with a gun and Reece Bishop was captured on CCTV pointing it at a woman who was oblivious as she was walking away from him.

The police were called and Blake Bishop told officers he’d bought the BB gun, which fired plastic pellets, earlier that day for £15.

Barry Gilbert for the brothers described what they had done as “ incredibly stupid.”

“They were just fooling about and weren’t trying to frighten anyone,” he said.

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