Lorry driver who was found with beer in hand jailed for drink driving

Police have arrested a man in Sudbury in connection with drug offences

Lorry driver Robert Fego, 48, has been jailed for eight weeks for drink driving - Credit: Sarah Lucy Brown

A lorry driver has been jailed after he was caught more than three times the drink driving limit with a beer in his hand.

Robert Fego, 48, has been jailed for eight weeks and banned from driving for four years after being convicted of drink driving at Colchester Magistrates' Court on April 22.

Police were called to Europa Way, Harwich, at around 3pm on April 20 after a lorry's trailer became unhitched on a roundabout leading away from the port.

It was reported the lorry driver had left the scene and witnesses told officers they had seen him going into a supermarket to buy alcohol, before returning to his lorry.

Port security said they had found him with a beer in his hand while the lorry had visible damage from where the trailer had become unhitched.

Officers carried out a roadside breath test and Fego, a Hungarian national, blew more than three times the legal drink drive limit.

He was then arrested and charged with drink driving.

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Investigating officer PC Ryan Gilroy, from the Harwich Local Policing Team, said: “As a lorry driver Robert Fego has a huge responsibility to ensure his vehicle is safe and that he is taking the greatest care on the road.

“When we located him, he was more than three times the legal drink driving limit which poses a clear danger to other road users.

“He had abandoned his unhitched trailer, instead going to buy alcohol.

“Fortunately his actions were reported to us by members of the public and the port’s security meaning we could respond quickly.

“He will now be off the roads for a significant period of time.”

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