Fake parking fines handed out in Stowmarket

Parking enforcement powers will transfer from police to councils in Suffolk in 2020 including Woodbr

Parking fines have been fraudulent handed out in Stowmarket - Credit: Archant

Fake parking fines have illegally been given out to drivers in Stowmarket.

Residential areas of the town, including Hamilton Way, have seen the fine notices on their cars with a fake police crest to make it look legitimate, according to Suffolk police. 

The police force said it was an "offence" and clarified that parking is enforced by local borough and district councils. 

A Suffolk Constabulary spokesman added: “Although dangerous or obstructive parking where there are no parking restrictions remains the responsibility of Suffolk police.

"Police guidance is that the officer will make an evidence-based decision as to whether there is an obstruction offence.

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"Should a situation arise where an electric wheelchair, double child pushchair or similar width is unable to pass the vehicle without going onto the road then an obstruction offence exists.

"If such carriages can continue past the parked car without going onto the road then there is no offence and no police action will be taken."

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The police force understood the "frustration" of the public who want action on parking but said crime was their first priority. 

Its spokesman added: “With such a topic there is a collective community responsibility here for everyone to show consideration to pedestrians.

"We always urge all motorists to park legally, considerately and responsibly, and to think about the effect their behaviour may have on others.”

Please call 101 or go to suffolk.police.uk if you have any information.

Report parking offences here

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