Warning as Suffolk resident receives phone calls about loft insulation scam

Suffolk Trading Standards has issued a warning.

Suffolk Trading Standards has issued a warning after one resident received bogus telephone calls about loft insulation - Credit: Suffolk Trading Standards

People of Suffolk have been warned of loft insulation scams after one resident received six phone calls from a bogus trader.

Suffolk Trading Standards revealed the caller has been ringing individuals claiming the loft insulation that they have installed in their home is illegal and must be replaced. 

The telephone caller said they were offering a free survey to check the loft insulation.

However, the Colchester number is likely to be spoofed as it is the same number used for car accident compensation scam calls.

Suffolk Trading Standards said: "Always be wary of any approach made in a telephone cold call.

"Always check the credentials of any company that contacts you out of the blue. Always check any claims made, especially when the company are claiming to work with other agencies.

"Always check the IDs of anyone who visits your property, claiming to work for an organisation. Keep any paperwork they give you. Never provide any personal information to a caller that is not required.

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"Never agree to any work done until you have received a second opinion."

Anyone with any concerns about a company that has contacted them should speak with Suffolk Trading Standards on 08082231133.