Suffolk resident victim of identity theft after iPhone delivery scam

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A Suffolk resident has become a victim of identity theft after an iPhone delivery scam - Credit: PA

A Sudbury resident has become a victim of an iPhone delivery scam.

The incident happened last week in the Suffolk town when the resident returned home from work to find that an iPhone 13 had been delivered to their address, in their name, which they had not ordered.

After contacting the phone provider, it was established that the resident had been a victim of identity theft.

The house's CCTV footage showed the package being delivered by a courier and posted through the door.

Moments later the property was approached by a man who knocked on the door, but as the resident was out, the fraudster was unable to collect the package.

According to Suffolk Trading Standards, this is a common scam where fraudsters take out mobile phone contracts using the victim's details, without their knowledge or consent. The scammer then tries to intercept the delivery, or trick you into handing over the high value package.

Following the incident, Suffolk Trading Standards is warning the public that if anyone receives a package they do not remember ordering, they should not hand it over if a courier requests it.

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Instead, people should check their credentials and call the company they represent to check if they are legitimate, and potentially call the police.

The next step would be to contact the retailer as soon as possible to arrange for the package to be sent back.

Suffolk Trading Standards is also advising anyone targeted by this scam to contact their bank as personal details could be compromised and they may be a victim of identity theft.