'Don't make it easy for them': Police advice after spate of car break-ins

Suffolk Police are investigating a break-in at a house in Highfield Approach in Ipswich (stock image

Suffolk police are encouraging car owners to not keep personal belongings in the car after a spate of break-ins - Credit: Archant

After a number of cars have had windows smashed and been broken into, police have offered some advice on how to keep personal belongings safe. 

Four vehicles were broken into over the festive period - two in Bury St Edmunds and two in Ipswich - with cash and personal items being stolen. 

The first break-in occurred between 9pm Tuesday, January 4, and 7am Wednesday, January 5, when a window of a Ford which was parked on Drake Avenue, Ipswich, was smashed to gain entry. 

A spokesman for Suffolk police confirmed that £5 was stolen from the vehicle. 

The second theft occurred in Ipswich when a wireless headset was stolen from a vehicle parked in a driveway in Ivan Blanty Close at around 1.45am on Tuesday, January 5. 

A third car was broken into in Bury St Edmunds when a window of a Volkswagen, parked in Bulrush Crescent, was smashed to gain entry on some point between 8.30pm Tuesday, January 4 and 8.30am Wednesday, January 5.

Cash was stolen from the vehicle. 

A fourth vehicle was broken into in Sedge Way when an unknown person smashed the the drivers window and stole coins in a holder. 

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Officers are now reminding owners to keep any items left inside vehicle out of sight and to always make sure they are kept safe.

A Suffolk Constabulary spokesman said: “We work hard to tackle the issue of vehicle crime with various operations and we also raise awareness through campaigns.

"The majority of vehicle crime that we see is as a result of items being left on display which is an easy target for a criminal.

"Remember it only takes a criminal a few seconds to open your vehicle door and search the glove box.

"Don’t make it easy for them – lock it and take valuables with you every time.”

Tips on how to keep your vehicles safe and more crime prevention advice can be found online.