'Grabbed, groped and followed' - Women tell of their experiences in Suffolk

Candles, messages and flowers left on the steps of the Parkinson Building at the University of Leeds

A vigil for Sarah Everard in Leeds - Credit: PA

More than 3,500 women spoke up in the East Anglian Daily Times and Ipswich Star's women's safety survey. Here we take a look at the results and some of the responses. 

In the wake of the shocking murder of Sarah Everard, we asked women to take part in a survey about how secure they feel in the county. These are the results (3,605 respondents): 

As a woman, on the whole do you feel safe living in Suffolk? 

No, often I feel unsafe - 24%

I usually feel unsafe - 8% 

Most of the time - 58% 

Yes, all of the time - 9% 

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What about when walking or travelling alone? 

No, often I feel unsafe - 32% 

I usually feel unsafe - 21% 

Most of the time - 37% 

Yes, all of the time - 9% 

Not sure - 1%

Have you felt it necessary to take measures to protect yourself while out?

Yes - 67% 

No - 33% 

Hundreds of women also detailed some of their personal experiences in the survey, these included: 

- "Had a car pull up beside me with two men asking about my bum, it made me feel really unsafe"

- "I've been followed by men in dark alleys and scared by groups of men"

- "I've been shouted at in the street, followed and intimidated in car parks"

- "I've been groped in busy nightclubs, been approached when walking home in the dark"

- "I was followed home one night and when he caught up with me, he flashed me"

- "I was followed into the park when it was getting dark, I ran and he disappeared"

- "I've been cat-called from cars and people on the street, my earliest memory is from when I was 14" 

- "I've been sexually harassed and assaulted multiple times when working in a pub and out with friends"

- "I have been grabbed and slapped when walking home, and followed by a stranger" 

- "I've been chased twice, cat-called numerous times, and sexually assaulted (groped) in a pub"

- "I've been inappropriately touched while out. I even had a man put his hand up my dress while I was walking to a club"

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