Police funding package welcomed by Suffolk crime commissioner

Police and Crime Commissioner, Tim Passmore Picture: SARAH LUCY BROWN

Tim Passmore said he was pleased Suffolk police would be able to make definite plans for next year - Credit: Archant

Suffolk's police and crime commissioner said the government's £15.8billion funding package for policing will enable the force "to make definite plans" for the next financial year. 

The 2021 to 2022 funding package, which is up to £636 million more than last year's fund, will be used for the ongoing drive to recruit 20,000 new officers by 2023, and tackling terrorism, according to the Home Office. 

Some £400million will be used to hire the extra officers, following the employment of 6,000 more police through the initiative so far.

The Home Office has said the money will also enable police to tackle serious violence, and increase the number of specialist officers for counter-terrorism and serious organised crime including child sexual abuse and drug trafficking.

Speaking following the announcement, Tim Passmore, police and crime commissioner for Suffolk, said now he knows the funding which will be received from the government, he needs to consider the police precept - the portion of council tax that goes to Suffolk police. 

"Our budget discussions have been based on assumptions up to this point, so I’m pleased that we will now be able to make definite plans for the next financial year," he said. 

“While the settlement is close to what we were expecting, there are a significant number of important initiatives which require funding to help bring criminals to justice and prevent crime.

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“There are two main sources of funding for the policing budget - central and local funding. 

"Now we know the level of funding we will receive from the Home Office, I will need to consider the level of policing precept required through the council tax to ensure we maintain an effective and efficient police service.

“When the chief constable and I have finalised the details, I will put our plans to the Suffolk public for their view. I will then present my proposals to the police and crime panel at their meeting on January 29.”   

Home Secretary Priti Patel has called for social media companies to act faster Picture: SARAH LUCY B

Home Secretary Priti Patel said the government aims to 'build back safer' from the pandemic - Credit: Archant

Home secretary and Witham MP Priti Patel said the government aims to "build back safer from the pandemic".

She said: "We have asked more of the police than ever before during the coronavirus pandemic - the British people and I are extremely grateful for their dedication.

"I am absolutely committed to giving the police the resources they need - this funding package delivers on that."

Some £914m of the fund will be used for counter-terrorism policing, with an extra £32m to establish a new counter-terrorism operations centre.

The Home Office said this year £30m was spent on Covid-19 enforcement, and officers were reimbursed for all PPE as recognition for their service.

The final police funding settlement will be debated in parliament ahead of the new financial year.