Woman filmed kicking dog in the ribs is banned from keeping animals

Jana remains in the care of the RSPCA after being kicked by Venezia Strudwick, of Sudbury

Jana remains in the care of the RSPCA after being kicked by Venezia Strudwick, of Sudbury - Credit: Supplied by RSPCA

A Sudbury woman has been banned from keeping animals after she was recorded kicking a dog in the ribs and dragging it by the lead.

Venezia Strudwick, of Lucas Close, appeared at Suffolk Magistrates’ Court, in Ipswich, on Monday, December 14 charged with inappropriate handling under the Animal Welfare Act.

The RSPCA had been contacted on February 8 this year by a witness who had recorded Strudwick, 26, roughly handling her dog, a black German Shepherd called Jana, and kicking her in the side.

The video showed Strudwick shouting and swearing at the dog, before yanking it on the lead as she put a rubbish bag in the bin.

A few moments later, Strudwick kicked the dog in the abdomen area with the side of her foot, causing it to yelp.

After being questioned by RSPCA inspector Nicky Thorne, Strudwick became "very aggressive" and denied kicking Jana, who appeared "subdued" and carried her head and tail low.

A different RSPCA inspector and police officers arrived at the address on February 13 and seized Jana, who was placed under the care of the welfare charity.

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At a check-up, vets found Jana had suffered inflammation around her throat.

Strudwick pleaded not guilty to one offence under the Animal Welfare Act, but she was found guilty and banned from keeping animals, with the exception of fish, for three years.

She was also fined £200 and ordered to pay £500 costs and a £35 victim surcharge, with Jana removed from her ownership.

Magistrates warned Strudwick she was lucky to avoid a prison sentence.

Jana has remained in the care of the RSPCA since February, where she is waiting to be rehomed with owners with no other pets who can continue her positive training.

Inspector Thorne added: "I am so pleased that we were able to help Jana and that she can now live the rest of her life without fear.

"This case demonstrates how important it is to understand your pet’s behaviour and how your actions can actually magnify any perceived problems rather than solve them.

"It is never acceptable to physically abuse your dog.”