Woman stuck in traffic called 999 for a police escort home

Police car.

An Essex woman asked police for an escort home after becoming stuck in traffic (file photo) - Credit: citizenside.com

Essex Police has urged people to use 999 responsibly after revealing a woman stuck in traffic asked officers for an escort home.

Officers are reminding the community to only call in an emergency and have asked people to stay on the line if they dial accidentally.

During one shift last week, five calls directed to one of Essex Police's call handlers were abandoned.

The force revealed one call handler answered a call from a woman who had pulled over after becoming stuck in traffic caused by road closures.

When asked if there was an emergency, the woman requested a police escort to get home.

Essex Police's control room has also received calls reporting an animal stuck in a loft and asking whether a lost wallet may have been handed into a station in the last week.

Police said: "Please consider if there is a genuine emergency before dialling 999. 

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"Misuse of the 999 service delays us helping those in urgent need."

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