A teenager who stabbed a 50-year-old in the stomach is among those jailed this week

More than eight years of jail time was handed out in Suffolk and Essex this week. Two years of that went to a man who cut a mental health nurse - read the full details here.

A Felixstowe man who cut a nurse’s hand with a knife has been jailed for two years.

Ryan Brakes, 52, of Charles Road, Felixstowe, slashed a nurse’s hand after he was upset about his benefit payments being reduced. The injury resulted in a mental health nurse needing 11 stitches and three weeks off work. The nurse had stepped in to stop Brakes from self-harming when he pushed her hand away using the knife. Brakes said he could not remember cutting himself and said he had not gone to the surgery to hurt anyone else.

A homeless man who rammed another man’s head into a brick wall has been jailed for three years and eight months.

Shane Mabberley, 32, of no fixed address, grabbed his victim, John Baxter, from behind when seeing him withdraw £40. Mabberley pulled Mr Baxter to the ground and started going through his pockets. Mr Baxter threw the money to the ground and during the incident Mabberley rammed Mr Baxter’s head into a brick wall.

A Clacton man who chased staff around a shop with a knife has been jailed for a year and six months.

Keith Palfreman, 40, of Langham Drive, Clacton, entered Aldi in Pier Avenue and confronted a worker. When he was asked to leave the store Palfreman lunged towards the man and pulled out a knife. Palfreman then chased staff around the store holding the weapon while customers ran off.

An Essex teenager has been jailed for more than a year for stabbing a worker.

Perry Wise, 18, of Beach Road, St Osyth, was spotted wheeling a moped through the Seawick Holiday Park staff suspected the vehicle had been stolen so challenged him. When Wise tried to flee the scene a 50-year-old worker at the park pursued him to stop him from getting away, this resulted in Wise stabbing the man in his stomach.

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