Parent’s campaign wins battle for £200,000 skate park

The skate parkwill be built in Crowley Park, Needham Market and is due to open in the summer of 2020

The skate parkwill be built in Crowley Park, Needham Market and is due to open in the summer of 2020. Picture: Greta Levy - Credit: Archant

A £200,000 skate park has been given the go ahead in a Suffolk market town after a two year campaign driven by local parents.

The new skating site, which will be built in Needham Market is the product of several years of campaigning brought about when a group of youngsters told their parents they needed a place to practising their skating skills.

A group got together and started a social media campaign which built momentum, culminating in a community meeting where 60 people gathered to discuss their ideas and elect a committee.

After long talks with Needham Market Town Council the £200,000 skate park was finally given the go ahead this month.

Paul Staddon, chairman of the Needham market Skate Part Committee, said: "The committee first met in August of 2017 and I am amazed at how much we have achieved in less than two years.

"We started out trying to raise awareness around the town and we started talking to the town council to try and get them interested. We did a survey to see what people though and we didn't have one objection. I think people are just happy to see that area being used.

"It has been really important that we have worked with and not against the town council. I'd like to thank them for talking with us and helping us find an agreement."

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Details of the park were revealed this week on a committee post. The park will be made out of concrete and measure approximately 33m by 18m.

It will be located in Crowley Park in Gilbert Close and as part of the project, other play areas will be built at an additional cost of £150,000.

The committee are currently in talks with a range of providers and the design of the part should be confirmed by the end of August.

Mr Staddon added: "We are hopeful that construction on the park will be completed by next summer as long as everything goes to plan and the weather is good.

"We have all worked really hard to get to this point and I am looking forward to seeing the skate park in real life.

"We are really keen to work with any local businesses, architects or professional skaters to help make this park as good as it can be."

Before completion next year, a temporary park will visit Needham Market this summer.

The metal ramps have already been booked in for August 21 and it is hoped that more dates can be organised.