Culford: Mother acts fast to tackle flames

The scene of a fire at a house in Culford. Lisa Taylor examines the damage in the bathroom.

The scene of a fire at a house in Culford. Lisa Taylor examines the damage in the bathroom. - Credit: Archant

A BRAVE mother-of-three tackled a bathroom fire at her house but had to be treated by paramedics after she suffered smoke inhalation.

Yesterday, the family were carrying out a clear-up operation after the blaze at their home in The Street, Culford, near Bury St Edmunds.

And they said they were thankful that smoke alarms were fitted in the house which alerted them when an extractor fan over the bath and shower caught alight.

Lisa Taylor and her two daughters Georgina, 20, Eleanor, 18, and 13-year-old son Patrick were woken at 4.40am on Saturday to the sound of the alarms.

Mrs Taylor reacted quickly and went into the bathroom to try to deal with the flames.

She dashed downstairs and filled up a jug with water. She then ran upstairs to cool down the taps which had been made too hot to touch by the blaze, turned on the shower and bravely tackled the fire.

The 45-year-old, who is suffering from a chest infection, managed to put out the fire but was overcome by the smoke and had to be treated at the scene by paramedics who administered oxygen.

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Two fire engines from Bury were called to the house, which is opposite the grounds of Culford School, and were at the scene for two hours helping to ensure the fire was extinguished and ventilating the building.

“The fire brigade were absolutely brilliant but if I’m honest I was in a bit of a panic when it all happened,” said Mrs Taylor.

“I was woken by the alarms and just tried to react as quickly as I could but all the lights were off. I went into the bathroom, saw the flames and then ran downstairs to get some water as the taps were too hot to turn on. I managed to put most of it out using the shower hose but the smoke got the better of me.”

Georgina, who is pregnant, said: “I was hysterical. It was really scary.”

Mrs Taylor, whose husband Simon is a pilot for Qatar Airways and was away at the time, said that it could have been worse if it was not for the smoke alarms.

“It is just so crucial to have them fitted. I dare not think what might have happened if they had not gone off,” she added.

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