GP surgery to cut vaccinations offered after abuse to staff and high workloads

Cutlers Hill Surgery GP in Halesworth

Cutlers Hill GP Surgery in Halesworth is fully booked for Covid vaccinations for the next six weeks - Credit: Google Maps

A Halesworth GP surgery has said it will be reducing the number of vaccines it provides each week due to the massive workload and increased abuse towards staff.

Cutlers Hill Surgery has said it is running at maximum capacity and has been providing hundreds of Covid-19 vaccinations every week for months and now is encouraging people to get their jabs from other organisations such as pharmacies.

The letter reads that a combination of staff have been working hard for months giving out hundreds of vaccinations a week but that staff sickness, isolation due to Covid, childcare and holidays has meant that the surgery is at its limit for booster vaccinations while still maintaining all other service provision.

The letter said: "The key reason that there is a high number of patients due for a booster at the same time is because many patients were able to get their initial vaccinations at Sole Bay which was a larger vaccination site.

Arrangements have not yet been announced for Covid booster jabs this autumn

The surgery is advising people of other places where they can obtain booster jabs - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

"Our Covid vaccination clinics are booked up 6 weeks in advance due to demand. Despite the number of vaccinations that we are providing, we have been experiencing high rates of patient complaints and abuse directed at our staff regarding Covid vaccines.

"In addition to this, patients have reported to the Press and local MPs that there is a lack of booster provision in the Halesworth area which is not accurate.

"As you may be aware Covid vaccinations can be had anywhere in the country and are provided by various organisations including pharmacies. There is no requirement to have them at the surgery."

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The letter continued by saying organising and performing vaccinations take the administrators, nurses and the HCAs' away from clinical service provision,  which can impact patient care directly.

Increasing clinical workload, exhaustion of staff members and increased patient aggression directed at the surgery are the reasons cited for decreasing the number of vaccinations they will be providing each week.

Patients are now asked to use the online NHS portals to book their boosters at an alternative vaccination site, this will help ensure the clinicians can concentrate on the clinical care of patients.

The letter concluded: "As a surgery, we humbly ask that you speak kindly with our staff and remember that they are striving every day to provide the best possible care for our patients, in these times of unprecedented pressures and uncertainties."

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