Inmate threw faeces at guards and sliced open face of fellow prisoner

Highpoint prison, near Haverhill Picture: MICHAEL HALL

Highpoint prison, near Haverhill Picture: MICHAEL HALL - Credit: Archant

A convicted robber who threw faeces and urine at two prison guards and sliced a fellow inmate across the face with a makeshift blade has been jailed for another two-and-half years.

Daniel Gaskell appeared at Ipswich Crown Court on Monday to admit wounding without intent to cause serious harm and two counts of administering a noxious substance with intent to injure, aggrieve or annoy.

Gaskell had been serving a six-and-a-half-year sentence at Highpoint, near Haverhill, for two robberies, firearms offences and shop theft when the first incident took place on February 1 last year.

The 30-year-old was transferred to the jail a week before squeezing a plastic bottle containing a mixture of faeces and urine in the direction of a female guard.

Prosecutor Michael Crimp said a male officer positioned himself with his back towards Gaskell but could not prevent some of the liquid landing on his colleague, who described the incident as “absolutely disgusting”.

Gaskell wrote a letter of apology to the officer and was transferred to Wayland, near Thetford, where he threw a jug of faeces and urine in the face of a female guard on May 12.

Then moved to Norwich prison, he used a razor blade fused to a toothbrush to slice the face of another inmate while high on the synthetic drug ‘spice’.

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Mr Crimp said Gaskell had a criminal record including assault and arson, and that his current sentence was due to expire in 2024.

Jodie Mole, mitigating, said Gaskell had been the victim of numerous assaults while in prison and had been required to carry out various tasks in return for the protection of other inmates.

She said Gaskell threw faeces and urine at the officers – in an act known as ‘potting’ – at the behest of others, and had again been tasked, and provided with the tool to cut the Norwich prison inmate on June 10.

Miss Mole said Gaskell, who later suffered second degree burns from having boiling sugar water thrown in his face, had been traumatised by his time in care as a child.

She said Gaskell had been diagnosed with a personality disorder and was taking medication for psychosis.

Judge David Goodin called Gaskell’s apology for the first attack on a prison guard “weasel words” and jailed him for another 32 months consecutive to his current sentence.

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