Data reveals violence in south east Ipswich nearly triples

Police are investigating the incident

Police are investigating the incident

Violence in south east Ipswich is almost triple the area’s average over the last three years, new data has revealed.

The police figures, presented at the Ipswich Borough Council south east area committee meeting this month revealed that from the beginning of April this year to the end of June, 166 incidents of violence had been recorded in the Gainsborough, Holywells and Priory Heath wards – almost triple the 68 recorded over the same period for the last three years.

But police officers have insisted that the area is not gripped by a crimewave, but changes in the way crime is recorded is at the heart of the rise. Inspector Gary Miller from Suffolk police, said: “The increased reports of violence in south east Ipswich are reflective of an increase in this crime area across the whole of Suffolk nationally.

“This is in part due to national changes in crime recording, with an improved emphasis on victim perception.

“Pro-active work has also been undertaken in this area by specialist teams who tackle domestic violence, which has resulted in an increase in reported crime.

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“This is another area involving vulnerable victims, whom we would urge to come forward to seek help.”

The figures equate to around two violence incidents reported in the area per day, while total recorded crime had seen an increase from an average of 420 to 532 for the same period.

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Inspector Miller added: “When dealing with these offences, and any other crime, the victim remains at the forefront of our concerns.

“We will continue to monitor trends locally and countywide to ensure we can allocate resources accordingly and carry out pro-active work to ensure we keep our communities safe.”

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