‘I need your help’ - alleged rape victim’s text to friends revealed in court

University of Essex's Albert Sloman Library and Silberrad Student Centre, which has won an RIBA awar

University of Essex's Albert Sloman Library and Silberrad Student Centre, which has won an RIBA award - Credit: Archant

A string of texts and face time calls that the victim made to her friends after the alleged incident were shown to a jury at Ipswich Crown Court.

Sultan Mohammed, 24, of Almond Way, Colchester, has denied raping the woman on October 3 last year.

Andrew Thompson, prosecuting, went through the series of texts detailing what had happened and calling for help.

The woman had messaged one friend saying “I need your help” before saying “I think I was raped”. She later texted the same friend saying “Now I’m 100% sure”.

However, Soraya Lawrence, defending, claimed that mixed information sent from the alleged victim showed that she did not remember what happened during the incident.

Mrs Lawrence then set out the sequence of events during the night of October 2 and the following morning according to the defendant.

She claimed the woman had let Mr Mohammed into her flat before then talking with him, giving him a false name.

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She suggested she had had consensual sex with Mr Mohammed before then asking him what his real name was. When he did not reply, he left.

To each stage of Mrs Lawrence’s questions, the alleged victim said: “No, that’s not what happened.”

The court also watched video of the first interview the student had with police officers.

The woman said she awoke to a stranger on top of her. She initially thought it was a dream, however, as she slowly woke up from a deep sleep she realised the man was actually having sex with her. She claimed he was naked and had whispered sexual comments into her ear. She then said she had a confrontation with him before he left, leaving her crying on her bed until she fell asleep.

It was when she had woken up an hour later that she had contacted her friend who then came to her flat before they got help from security officers.

The alleged victim said her door of her flat had not been locked and the door separating the flat from the lobby had been propped open and so could be accessed from the stairwell.

The trial continues.

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