DCB says he’s real heir to Liberalism

THERE is one politician closer to the ‘Liberal landslide’ than Nick Clegg and Vince Cable. David Campbell Bannerman, elected as a UK Independence Party Euro MP for the East of England last year, is related to Sir Henry Campbell Bannerman, leader during the last Liberal Party landslide of 1906.

It could be argued that David Campbell Bannerman, known as DCB to his friends and colleagues, has more of a claim to be the political heir to Sir Henry than either Clegg or Cable. Like Sir Henry, he actively promotes free trade as head of UKIP policy. UKIP promotes breaking free from the EU to engage in free trade agreements with North America, South East Asia and the Commonwealth.

DCB - who is fighting Suffolk South in Thursday’s election - has more in common with Sir Henry through his professional career. While Sir Henry supported Home Rule for Ireland, DCB acted as a special advisor to Sir Patrick Mayhew, Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, advising him on the Northern Ireland Peace Process and the talks to the Good Friday Agreement.

“Voters who want someone to deal with the deficit, the economy, our immigration crisis and a plethora of national issues should avoid the untested, untried Liberal Democrats, and turn to the the real heir of the liberal tradition, David Campbell Bannerman,” he says, rather modestly.

A HUNTING WE WILL GO: Bhavna Joshi, Labour’s hope in Suffolk Central & Ipswich North, is no shrinking violet when it comes to field sports - perhaps that should be blood sports. “Hunting is vile – a sick pastime carried out by sick people.”

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UKIP TURNS TO YOUTH: The Young Conservatives were once upon a time the UK’s most influential youth movement. Sadly, it’s been disbanded and replaced with the colourless Conservative Future.

However, the UK Independence Party is keen to widen its horizons to take up younger voters and has formed the Young Independence Group. Andreas Poole, a 22 year old, self-employed personal trainer and a student at Essex University, is in charge of the movement in North Essex & South Suffolk.

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“We promote the policies of YI regionally, take part in and support local campaigns - even if they are not UKIP campaigns - to help local people with local issues. One example is the ‘Save Our St.Osyth’ campaign in Essex,” says Andreas.

THE PERSONAL TOUCH: A colleague of mine living in the village of Tuddenham in the Suffolk West constituency received “a personal letter” from David Cameron. It started: “Dear Resident.”

“OUR CARROTS ARE PRETTY WONKY” Sam Cam describes the vegetable patch at the Cameron home in Oxfordshire, as she helped out in a community allotment in Birmingham.

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