Dead porpoise washes up at Aldeburgh beach

Aldeburgh beach would usually be packed with holiday makers at this time of year Picture: SARAH LUC

A dead porpoise washed up on Aldeburgh beach today - Credit: Archant

A dead porpoise has washed up at Aldeburgh beach. 

Residents found the marine animal on the beach behind the scallop sculpture at around 7am today (June 10).

Volunteer coordinator for British Divers Marine Life Rescue, Jo Collins, believes it is the same porpoise that washed up on the beach on Monday.


She said: "We were aware of the porpoise washing up at Aldeburgh and at Felixstowe this week. 

"If you do come across a dead animal on the beach they carry some nasty bacteria and it is best not to touch them.

"It is best to just report them and not go to close. 

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"You should also definitely keep dogs away because they do give off nasty bacteria."

A dead porpoise washed up at Aldeburgh beach this morning

A dead porpoise washed up at Aldeburgh beach this morning - Credit: Rob Kingdon

Because the animal is classed as a royal fish — along with whales, dolphins and sturgeon — the Natural History Museum will have to be informed in case their officers want to do a post-mortem. 

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