Dealer sponsors speedway rider

Speedway rider Joe Jacobs is being sponsored by Donalds Garages.

Speedway rider Joe Jacobs is being sponsored by Donalds Garages. - Credit: Jeff Higgott

Volvo dealership Donalds Garages has pledged its support to national speedway rider Joe Jacobs by sponsoring him for the 2014 season.

The Ipswich dealership will see its livery featured on the young rider’s bikes with him using its contribution to help cover repair and maintenance costs.

The ambitious 20-year-old, who was born and raised in Ipswich, is expected to take part in more than 100 race meetings this year. This includes the chance to ride in the televised Elite League for the first time with Wolverhampton Wolves. He will also ride for Premier League team Peterborough Panthers and National League side Mildenhall Fen Tigers, where he is lead rider.

With such a busy calendar comes great cost as Joe needs to keep at least three bikes ready to race throughout the seven-month season.

The link with Donalds comes through aftersales advisor Gavin Elliott.

Gavin said: “I have watched Joe either practising or racing for numerous years, including his first time on a speedway bike as a complete unknown after an Ipswich Witches meeting had finished. I first actively became involved with helping Joe at the beginning of 2011 at an event organised by family and friends to help raise his profile and funds for his years racing.”

Joe added: “It is really important to me to have local support. I’m from Ipswich, still live near Ipswich and have a lot of support in the town and in Suffolk.”

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Joe will be at King’s Lynn with Wolverhampton Wolves on Monday before a homecoming to Ipswich on Friday, April 18 with Peterborough Panthers against Ipswich Witches.