Planning approved for bungalows that avoid affordable housing rule by 0.1 hectares

Debenham village bungalows

The land near Debenham where planning permission was granted for four bungalows - Credit: Google Maps

Planning permission for four single-storey homes and garages near Debenham have been approved by councillors.

The site, on land fronting Little London Hill, had previously been included in a rejected application for 25 buildings.

The site of the rejected application has now been split in two, with the lower site already having permission for eight houses in total.

The top site was reduced in size before being submitted to have four bungalows, from 0.74 ha to 0.49 ha.

Affordable housing requirement is from the NPPF for developments have 10 or more houses, or where the site has an area of 0.5ha or more. 

Questions were raised at the  at a Mid Suffolk Development Control Committee meeting over whether the site had been split up to avoid affordable housing requirements. 

Though members of the committee clarified that the sites were historically linked more than three years ago, but now have different companies so the proposal is considered separate, rather than a subdivision.

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