Debenham: Project to get village a skatepark begins search for new site

Youngsters have fun on a mobile skate park when it came to Debenham's village community centre.

Youngsters have fun on a mobile skate park when it came to Debenham's village community centre. - Credit: Archant

A TEAM trying to get a skatepark built has declined the offer of the village’s leisure centre.

Project D has been attempting to set up a skatepark in Debenham for four years.

It had been in discussions with Debenham Sports & Leisure to supply a site. But now the parish council, which is backing the project, has said it will look at alternative sites in the village.

Jane Baldwin, chairman of Project D, said: “The site at the leisure centre was unsustainable. It was 10metres narrower than what we were trying to get, to be honest.

“It would have been borderline if we would have got planning permission because there is a house in close proximity to the leisure centre and skate park.

“The site is too small and it would cause more problems in the long term but that’s the only site they have offered.

“It’s very saddening and disappointing that it’s happened. I think we are going to do a land appeal to see if anyone is prepared to give us land.”

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She said the project could look into putting the skatepark on a field near the allotments.

Suzie Morley is chair of the Debenham Village Hall and Playing Field Trust, which runs the leisure centre.

She said: “We offered them a plot for the size they asked for. The space we offered is the only space which will not lose us income. If they could not make use of that I understand their wish to look elsewhere.”

The chairman of Debenham Parish Council, Richard Blackwell, said: “We have tried very hard to make it work there and it’s clearly not going to work there. We need to move on and leave it as positive as possible.”

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