Debenham: Project to get village skatepark makes urgent land appeal

Youngsters in Debenham have fun on the Mobile Skate Park at the village community centre in 2011

Youngsters in Debenham have fun on the Mobile Skate Park at the village community centre in 2011

A project to get a village a skatepark which has been delayed for years has made an urgent appeal for land.

Debenham’s skatepark project will enter its fifth year in November but it is still without a home.

Talks to install the park at Debenham Sports & Leisure centre and at the Recreation Ground have both been unsuccessful.

Project chairman Jane Baldwin said the park was still needed in the village with up to 40 youngsters keen to use it.

She said: “There’s no other parish council-owned land really other than woodland and lakes but there’s opposition because they’re quiet areas. Wherever we try to go –- there’s opposition.

“Everyone wants it but when we try and put it somewhere people object. We need to see if there are any local landowners who would lend a proportion of land for a period of time.

“The project is still here and there’s a demand for it –people still believe in us.”

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The project received a cash boost when the village’s former youth club donated money after it disbanded.

Mrs Baldwin said the money could be used for applying for planning permission which would be needed in the future.

She is worried youngsters who currently use their skateboards in the village could get injured if the park is not built soon.

She added: “We are determined that it will happen, really and truly. We have the commitment and the drive but we need somewhere to put it. Once we get that it will be all hands on deck.”

The parish council has supported the project and is prepared to pay for a portion of the skatepark’s rent.

The park would need land measuring 25metres by 17m as well as a smaller area around that.

It would need to be a recommended 60 metres from the nearest residential area.

Anyone who would like to find out more about the project should email Mrs Baldwin at

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