Debenham: Questions over joint police and fire station’s parking plan

The new combined Debenham fire and police station which was officially opened last month

The new combined Debenham fire and police station which was officially opened last month - Credit: Archant

A FED-UP business owner has questioned why parking places were not part of a new joint police and fire station when it was being designed.

Tony Carter owner of Carters Ceramic Designs Ltd in Low Road, Debenham, said there were “considerable parking problems” because police were being forced to park their own vehicles in the street.

He said he had expressed his concerns to the Police and Crime Commissioner, Tim Passmore at the joint station’s opening last month.

At a Debenham Parish Council meeting, councillor David Hughes said it was “absolutely disgraceful” police were parking in the street.

Mr Carter said: “We are still waiting for some kind of response from the police over this. When they were putting the police station together, they should have put in parking spaces for their officers, but it did not happen.

“I am not necessarily blaming the officers who are working at the station. Our customers come here from all over the place and we do not have a car park and they like to park nearby. They are only here for an hour. The police officers are here for a long time.

“I appreciate that no one has a ‘right’ to parking in the Low Road, but, for a business established over 35 years, visitors and tourists are vital to the pottery. After visiting us, they frequently then go on to explore the village which of course helps everyone.

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“I am sure the police would like to co-operate in easing the parking problem that they have caused as we all need to help each other in our community of Debenham and trust they will find a satisfactory solution which will help the local residents and businesses alike.”

The parish council has agreed to spend thousands of pounds on bollards to stop nuisance parking throughout the village.

The council agreed last month to spend up to £1,500 on parking bollards with further cash needed to install them.

Mid Suffolk local policing commander Tristan Pepper said: “We have been made aware of the concerns of a member of the public around the parking near to the fire and police base in Debenham.

“Although there is no private parking on site, there is an adequate amount of legal parking available in the surrounding area that a very small number of employees utilise. Employees are aware of concerns and park considerately when possible.”

The joint police and fire station in Low Road is home to three police constables and three PCSO officers.

The station was originally used by Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service but police are now jointly using the facility to reduce costs.

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