Detectorist lands role in Suffolk-filmed television comedy’s third series

John West on the set of Detectorists with Mackenzie Crook. Picture: JOHN WEST

John West on the set of Detectorists with Mackenzie Crook. Picture: JOHN WEST - Credit: John West

An amateur treasure hunter shared stories of his finds with one of the stars of BBC series Detectorists during filming of the third series in Suffolk .

John West was given a part in the show after sending producers a show reel of his previous acting and broadcasting work, which includes appearances on Mustard TV as an expert on fossils, folklore and metal detecting.

Mr West, who also appears as Kev in Our Town, a streaming mini-series based around Great Yarmouth, plays a foreman in a scene of Detectorists, shot near Ransomes Europark commercial and retail estate, in Ipswich.

Although he does not exchange any on-screen dialogue with writer and star Mackenzie Crook, Mr West said the pair were in scenes together, and that they shared a passion for metal detecting.

“I’ve done a bit of acting in the past, so sent off a show reel through a talent agency,” added Mr West, whose other interests include the paranormal – a subject he writes about on a monthly basis for Psychic News.

“We filmed on a bit of waste ground that they turned into a building site.

“I play a foreman and I shout out to a bloke about putting his hat on.

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“Mackenzie and I both have an interest in metal detecting and we told each other a few stories of our finds. We got on very well.

“He’s passionate about the subject and you can see that in the show. I’m interested in detecting and have enjoyed watching.”

Suffolk played host to the cast and crew of the award-winning sitcom for the third time in July.

Filming for series three of BBC Four’s Detectorists took place mainly in Framlingham.

The show follows the fortunes of a group of metal detectorists in the fictional town of Danebury.

This year, the Suffolk coast also provided the setting for a new BBC TV drama featuring Benedict Cumberbatch.

The star of Sherlock filmed a TV dramatisation of Ian McEwan’s award-winning novel, The Child in Time, at Shingle Street, in April.

Last week, it was revealed that Ridley Scott filmed parts of his new thriller, All the Money in the World, at Elveden Hall, west Suffolk, in July.

Detectorists returns to screens later this year.

Our Town, created by Steven Farrell, gets its premiere on September 29 at St George’s Theatre, in Great Yarmouth.

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