Woman, 26, dying of cancer urged others to 'go to your doctor' in final diary entries

Dhneep Bains, from Rowhedge near Colchester, died aged 26 in July last year 

Dhneep Bains, from Rowhedge near Colchester, died aged 26 in July last year - Credit: PA Media

A "kind-hearted, bubbly" 26-year-old who died of cancer pleaded with other sufferers to "go to your doctor" in her heartbreaking final diary entries, it has been revealed.

Dhneep Bains, from Rowhedge, Colchester, complained of foot pain and other symptoms from March 2017.

She was seen by several different doctors on a rotation at her surgery and had been recommended to ride a bike, do stretches and yoga.

She was eventually diagnosed with Stage 4 Ewing Sarcoma of the pelvis and a secondary growth on the lung in early 2018.

Known to friends and family as Neepy, she died in July 2020 aged just 26.

She endured 26 rounds of chemotherapy and up to eight weeks of radiotherapy before her tragic death.

Now, mother Ramesh Waltho-Brar has shared a diary entry her daughter wrote just months before her tragic death.

This was written when she thought she would be able to live with her cancer, unaware she wouldn't survive the year.

Neepy as a baby with mother Ramesh

Neepy as a baby with mother Ramesh - Credit: Ramesh Waltho-Brar

Neepy's last diary entry, written January 24, 2020

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"Since April 26, 2018, all I wanted was a light under the tunnel — never asked for a cure or miracle but could never see it.

"That day my life shattered into a million pieces and all of the things I thought I never wanted, I wanted more than ever! 

"I lost a lot in a quick second (but I also gained a lot during this journey and I am so grateful).

"I lost my hope, faith, identity, independence, job, mental, physical and emotional health (which I struggle with on a daily/hourly basis).

"I lost sight of my purpose in life — my drive, passion, hair and dreams. That’s a pretty scary place to be in when you're terrified, alone and dying. 

"I never thought I’d be able to do something or anything for that matter as tough, intense and painful as treatment — that’s one thing in life no soul should have to bear.

"You couldn’t even pay me to do it. It’s probably on par with childbirth if not worse a hundred times over.

"But I pushed though it because let's face it — what else was I suppose to do? Wait to die at 24 years young? **** that!

"I got through every second, minute, hour, day, weeks and months with all the help from my family, friends and both medical teams at Colchester general and UCLH. Now I get why cancer survivors are called survivors — we made it! 

"Today was bittersweet for me — to follow you up my primary bone tumour behind my left pelvis has been stable since December 2018, however my cancer had already spread across my lungs which got worse and worse so I had more radiotherapy in May 2019 and no active chemo — yay me!


"My recent CT chest scan showed my secondary tumours we’re now also stable — again yay me.

"So that left me thinking what now, surely remission right?

"Sadly not, I was told again that I have a very slim to zero chance of remission.

"But I can still live a happy, long and prosperous life WITH my cancer! (Until I get bad symptoms or my scans show signs of relapse I guess).

"I can work towards getting my mobility and independence back and more importantly back in the salon where I belong. 

"I've got stars in my eyes, wind in my hair, dreams to follow and nothing’s getting in my way.

"Now I’ve got another chance to live, I can honestly say that I will never, ever, ever, EVERRRRRRR take anyone or anything for granted for as long as I walk this earth!

"I’ve grown to be very thick-skinned, but cancer ate me up and spat me out like a chew toy.

"I was so naïve when it came to healthcare, so carefree I never felt the need to see the doctor, silly for letting my mind think nothing serious could actually happen to me — I finally smell the coffee. 

"One piece of advice I can guarantee particularly the ages between 35 and under — if you feel weird in any shape or form, body feels different, continuous pain or even if it’s a one off — GO TO YOUR DOCTOR!

"No matter how little or small your problem you make sure you get your **** down there and keep going if they send you packing!

"Don’t fall through the system like I did — be made to feel embarrassed for having pain.

"Let's get educated, help our young as well as old and keep beating cancer."

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