Luke, 8, overjoyed with incredible Tardis Christmas present

The Tucker family from Saxmundham with their Doctor Who Tardis

Luke Tucker with his parents Mandy and Phil, who built him a Tardis for Christmas - Credit: Mandy Tucker

An eight-year-old boy from Saxmundham is overjoyed after his parents built him an incredible Doctor Who-inspired Tardis doorframe for his bedroom.

Luke and his parents Mandy and Phil Tucker have been shielding throughout the coronavirus pandemic due to his father being vulnerable – meaning former steam train builder Phil has been able to hone in on new skills.

Little did young Luke believe however that his Dad would be able to build him something capable of time travel from their east Suffolk garage.

A Tardis from Doctor Who

Luke's father, Phil, built the Tardis in his garage during the second coronavirus lockdown - Credit: Mandy Tucker

Mrs Tucker said her and husband Phil had to hide the police public telephone box in the garage for as long as four months, before erecting it in Luke's doorway on Christmas Eve while he was staying at another house in the family's childcare support bubble.

Mrs Tucker said superfan Luke couldn't believe his eyes when he noticed the creation on Christmas morning.

She said: "Luke is just mad about Doctor Who, he has been for years. He's got all the sonic screw drivers, the fez, the scarf – he just loves it.

"We had decorated the inside of his room with Tardis wallpaper and ever since that was done he'd asked us for a Tardis so we decided to give it a go. Not only had Phil spent so much time working in the garage, I've had to spend the whole time stopping the little one from going in there and seeing it!"

A Tardis from Doctor Who

Doctor Who superfan Luke said he is overjoyed with the present - Credit: Mandy Tucker

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Arriving home to see the iconic blue colour poking out from the bottom of the stairs, Mrs Tucker said Luke was instantly excited.

She added: "He ran up the stairs and would not stop saying 'oh wow' and thank you.

"He's spent the last two days running in and out of the room pretending he's the doctor and travelling to far-flung places in his imagination. He absolutely loves it."

Mrs Tucker posted the build on Twitter to share their creation with family and friends – and has since gone viral with almost 150,000 likes.

She added: "We've been overwhelmed with positive comments and it has obviously put a smile on other people's faces, which is so nice to know given the year we've all had."

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