Dog freed from railings

FIREFIGHTERS were called to help release a dog which had got its head stuck in a set of railings.

Crews were called to King George Field in Clairmont Drive, Colchester, at 2.41pm yesterday. One fire engine from Colchester attended and crews took 17 minutes to free the animal.

Leading Firefighter Quentin Sage said: “It was a whippet or greyhound type dog and what had happened is it had put its head through the railings and got it trapped by a sign which was bolted onto the fence.

“All we had to do was unbolt the sign and it was able to get itself out no problem.

“Once he was out the dog just shook his head and we gave him a drink of water and he seemed none the worse for wear for his ordeal. We were glad to get him out so quickly.”

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