It's time that dog owners cleared up after their pets

Red dog waste bin a public park

The increasing amount of dog waste on the streets is becoming a poodemic, says Mark Murphy - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Have you noticed how much dog poo there is on our streets, parks and in the countryside?

I’ve never seen so much in my entire life and it’s being described nationally as a poodemic!

I know it’s been a problem for years but it certainly seems to be getting worse.

It’s not just irresponsible dog owners not clearing up after their pets but it’s the ones who take the time bag it and then throw the poo bag in a tree! What’s that all about?

It is one of the most anti-social things around and gives responsible dog owners a bad reputation.

No one wants to stand in it and traipse it home but it is happening more and more.

On my BBC Radio Suffolk breakfast show this week we were inundated with calls from angry listeners. One caller said that walking long his road you feel like you’re playing hopscotch as you try and dodge the deposits.

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It’s been like that in my road too with poo just left in the middle of the pavement. Yes I do clean it away when I see it.

Local Facebook pages and parish newsletters regularly highlight the problem and volunteer litter pickers do their best but it’s really down to these lazy owners to sort it.

Why is it getting worse? It’s thought it could be down to the boom in dog ownership over the last few months.

I think its people taking their pooch for a walk in the dark either first thing in the morning or last thing at night thinking no one can see their dogs pooping.

Certainly when I take our dog Wolfie out there are fewer people about but I’d never do it.

Wherever I go these days I’ve got a scented poo bag in my pocket just in case.

There really is no excuse it’s just people being lazy and not caring about their surroundings.

One listener was so incensed about a neighbour continually letting his dog use her front garden as toilet that she posted it back through his letterbox. I’m not condoning that but apparently it did work a treat.

Another caller whilst out on her dog walk regularly picks up the mess from other people’s pooches! That is certainly above and beyond the call of duty.

I spoke to Andy Coleman who runs the website called and a Facebook page alongside that. He monitors online news reports and says the number of incidents is going up and up.

Apart from appealing to people’s better nature what else can we do?

Again it falls upon our local councils who have the power to fine people but we seldom hear of that happening.

Perhaps CCTV could be used to catch the culprits or some more prominent signs up to deter people? Could the reintroduction of dog licences help?

Maybe we should introduce dog wardens who could patrol hot spot areas the fines would probably be enough to pay their wages. One listener said we should have a DNA dog database and then we’d know where the poo came from, extreme perhaps but it shows how angry people are about it.

I’d love to hear what it’s like where you are and what you think we can do about it?

In the meantime if you find yourself out with your dog near me anytime I’ve always got a spare poo bag, feel free to ask for one!

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