‘Don’t feel guilty if you voted for Brexit’ – Suffolk’s Police and Crime Commissioner Tim Passmore

Michael Gove and Boris Johnson join Tim Passmore during a visit to Ipswich for the leave campaign.

Michael Gove and Boris Johnson join Tim Passmore during a visit to Ipswich for the leave campaign. - Credit: Su Anderson

One of Suffolk’s most prominent “Vote Leave” supporters has urged those who voted the same way not to feel guilty about their decision.

The county’s Police and Crime Commissioner Tim Passmore was speaking after social media comments from those disappointed by the referendum result were seen as attacking those who had voted to leave.

However Mr Passmore also said those worried about the decision should be understood – and that everyone should work together to try to ensure stability returned to the economic and political system as soon as possible.

He said: “For me it was a very finely balanced decision, but ultimately my concerns prompted me to support the Vote Leave side.

“Now, though, we must all work together to make the decision work. We have to try to ensure community cohesion. There can be no place for hatred or xenophobia in our society.”

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Mr Passmore said this was a political decision, the kind of decision that was made and had to be worked with.

He said: “There was a fairly clear majority in the end – but everyone needs to remember that 48% of the population disagreed with the decision and we have to work to bring people together.”

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Concerns about immigration had dominated the campaign – but those should now be put to one side as the Government works on implementing the decision.

He said the Prime Minister’s decision to step down had been a surprise and he had not yet thought who would get his vote in the party ballot for a new leader.

Mr Passmore said: “We shall see who emerges as the two candidates for us to choose between over the next few weeks.”

Bernard Jenkin, Conservative MP for Harwich and North Essex and Leave campaigner, called for a cabinet reshuffle to put those who “believe in this policy” in “key positions”.

Mr Jenkin said: “This vote represents a huge opportunity for the future of our country.

“The majority of the British people have shown courage and foresight by taking back control of their democracy and right to self-government.

“This is not an end to international co-operation, friendship and collaboration with our fellow European nations. We are not leaving Europe, we are leaving the EU.

“This decision needs to be implemented speedily and smoothly. I’m delighted the majority of my constituency feels the same way I do.”

Asked if he would consider a ministerial role if offered one, Mr Jenkin said he would, but it was “entirely a matter for the Prime Minister.”

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