‘Don’t get sunburnt’ message from forecasters as county set for temperatures greater than 20C

Enjoying the sun on Aldeburgh beach

Enjoying the sun on Aldeburgh beach - Credit: Archant

The sun will be smiling down on Suffolk again in the middle of this week – but we will still have to watch out for the traditional April showers.

Bright and fairly stable weather is the forecast for this week and beyond but with temperatures expected to be well above the average for this time of year on Wednesday.

While the region can normally expect a fairly uninspiring 13C (55F) during April forecasters believe this week could see them soar as high as the mid-20s.

Jim Bacon from Weatherquest said the upcoming weather will be quite warm and fairly humid, as well as relatively stable.

“The weather is mostly fine this week,” he said. “We’ve been seeing high pressure in the long-range charts for quite some time.

“We start to see high pressure building which will make it cool and fresh.”

However he did add Wednesday evening could see “isolated thundery showers” in parts of East Anglia.

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Mr Bacon added the region’s weather is currently much the same as the rest of the south and south east of England.

He also had a warning for people out enjoying the sun – you can still get burnt in April, even if it feels cool.

“The sun has got a lot of strength in it,” he said.

“If you think that towards the end of April you’re the same distance away from mid-summer as you are at the end of August.

“You shouldn’t be surprised if you get sunburnt in April.”