Don’t waste money on over-priced chocolates and flowers, give your mum the gift of a hug this Mother’s Day

Pupils at Hillside Community Primary School work on their letters to their mothers.

Pupils at Hillside Community Primary School work on their letters to their mothers. - Credit: Su Anderson

If you’re out and about tomorrow and notice someone going somewhere in a hurry, clutching a box of chocolates, a plant or, heaven forbid, a bunch of service station-bought flowers, there’s a simple explanation: it’s Mother’s Day.

If you’re likely to be one of those people, doing your duty by popping in to see your dear old mum with the obligatory, predictable Mother’s Day gift, before getting on with the rest of your day, I beg you: think again. You see, I can’t help thinking things have gone horribly wrong as far as Mother’s Day is concerned.

When it comes to gifts, this is one occasion where it’s not always the thought that counts, especially if that thought is hurried and lacking originality. Or, worse still, just plain naff. One online retailer, for example, is advertising CDs “from just £4.95” that would be “perfect” for Mother’s Day. The suggestions include Myleene’s Music for Mothers, Mum’s Favourite Songs and Cliff Richard’s Love... The Album.

Most mums would be too polite to admit being even a little disappointed with whatever gifts come their way. But please, do not insult us with a compilation CD.

Of course, as a lover of all things thrifty, I’m not advocating spending a fortune either. But happily, it’s not a choice of one or the other. There’s evidence to suggest that neither penny pinching nor extravagance is appropriate when it comes to Mother’s Day. The simple gestures count for a lot and, it seems, what mums appreciate more than anything is the gift of time and affection.

One survey showed the top three most wanted Mother’s Day gifts were a hug (59%), a card (58%) and a lie-in (41%). Despite this, the same study suggests children are set to spend an average of £20-£29 on gifts with the most popular offering being flowers.

Children of the nation, resist the allure of perfume and pollen. When it comes to Mother’s Day, why not give something of significance to your mum - perhaps something baked or handcrafted? One of my most treasured gifts is a hand-drawn picture with the message: “I love you, mum. You cook the best food”. (The last bit is not necessarily true). Personally, I’d be happy if someone made me a cup of tea and got me breakfast. It would make a change from every other day of the year. And, I have to admit, I’m with the 59%. I would like a hug.

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