Dovercourt: 100-year-old black poplar tree felled after falling victim to rot

Black Poplar in Mayor's Gardens, Dovercourt

Black Poplar in Mayor's Gardens, Dovercourt - Credit: Archant

A WELL-KNOWN tree, which has stood in a town centre park for 100 years, has been cut down.

The large 50-feet-tall black poplar tree, which has graced the Mayor’s Gardens at Dovercourt for more than a century, was removed earlier this week because of safety concerns.

The tree, which was about seven metres in circumference, had been tested by experts and was showing significant signs of severe rot.

Tendring District Council’s horticultural and transport services manager, Trevor Mills, said that while it was a pity to have to remove such an old tree there was little option.

“The tree was picus tested last week, which is like taking an X-ray,” he said.

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“The tests revealed a serious amount of rot and therefore it is considered dangerous to leave it standing in that condition in that location and it is being removed.”

A spokesman for the council said that efforts would be made to find a replacement.

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He said the authority wants to publicise the work because it is aware people will be concerned at the disappearance of the tree from such a prominent position.

Harwich Town Council has also been informed.

Mr Mills added that the council will also be reducing some 70ft-tall Lombardy poplars on the same site over the next few weeks.

They are also showing signs of rot in the base and will be made safe.

The council is also looking at the condition of trees at a number of other locations across the district.

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