Dovercourt: Yobs terrorise arthritis-ridden woman, 73, by throwing dog mess into her back garden

YOBS have been terrorising a disabled woman by bombarding her Essex garden with bags of dog mess, it’s been claimed.

Pat Burke, of Elizabeth Road, Dovercourt, has spoken of her upset after seeing nearly 50 bags thrown over her back fence in just three weeks.

The 73-year-old, restricted to a mobility scooter because of arthritis, said the mess had landed on her windows, washing line and back door.

Ms Burke, who had a four-year stint on Dovercourt Town Council, said: “I was very, very upset, I was scared. I thought if they could do that, what else could they do. But the mentality of doing that - putting their hands in a dog mess bin - I just can’t understand it.”

She added: “They have now also started throwing eggs at the windows of our flats. One lady of 83 was terrified.

“What the hell is the matter with these yobs? They know full well elderly vulnerable people live in these flats.

“The police have been round and have promised to step up patrols.”

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David Smith, of nearby Manor Road, who serves on Ramsey and Parkeston Parish Council, said: ”I walk my dogs on that field every morning and was instrumental in getting the dogs mess bin put there in the first place.

“What these morons have been doing is disgusting and despicable.

“What is the mentality of a person who takes bags full of dogs mess out of a bin and throws them into elderly people’s gardens?

“The gardens are small and the bags have been landing inches from the back doors.

“Pensioners are understandably getting upset and afraid.”

Ms Burke said the bags are thought to have come from a bin on a recreation area at the end of Grange Road.

She said Tendring Distrcit Council has now moved the bin in a bid to diffuse the situation.

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