Driver's cliffhanger drama

THIS is the moment a silver Mondeo reversed over a cliff.

THIS is the moment a silver Mondeo reversed over a cliff.

Two golden retrievers had to be rescued as the car balanced precariously over a 100 ft drop at Scratby, near Yarmouth in Norfolk.

Thankfully yesterday's dramatic cliff top drama was successfully concluded as police stopped the vehicle toppling over the cliff and firefighters winched the trapped dogs and car to safety.

The drama unfolded after the woman motorist had driven to the cliff top car park at about 7.40am to walk her dogs and accidentally hit the accelerator pedal instead of the brakes.

The woman, who is believed to be from nearby Gorleston and in her 50s, managed to leap clear of the automatic vehicle but her dogs were left in the back as the end of the car swayed dangerously over the precipice.

And the vehicle could have easily have careered over the side and smashed onto the beach if it was not for a firm safety rail and quick witted police officers.

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Police from Caister were first on the scene at Rottenstone Lane and they managed to tie the vehicle to a lamp post to prevent it from sliding further over.

One firecrew from Yarmouth then hauled the car to safety and they gingerly approached the delicately perched vehicle to put a winch on it and pull it terra firma.

Crew manager Martin Hudson said: “It appears the woman hit the accelerator rather than the brake.

“If the safety rail had not been there then the outcome could have been catastrophic.

“The dogs were very pleased to see their owner again.”

The dramatic pictures of the car balancing on the cliff edge were taken by Russell Grover, 24, who was on holiday from Wolverhampton.

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