Drugs charity boost through BBC drama

A BBC dramatisation depicting the lives of the five women murdered by Steve Wright has led to a flood of donations for an Ipswich drug charity.

Iceni has received nearly �7,500 since the three-part drama Five Daughters finished its run on Tuesday and further pledges of money have also been made.

Brian Tobin, co-founder of Iceni, in Foundation Street, Ipswich, said more than 50 people had already given donations to help rehabilitate those trying to recover from substance abuse.

The donations, some as small as �5, have come from all over Britain. They arrived after the drama about sex workers Tania Nicol, Gemma Adams, Anneli Alderton, Paula Clennell and Annette Nicholls, all of whom were killed in Ipswich in late 2006.

Mr Tobin, who was portrayed by an actor in the programme, said: “It’s been quite overwhelming. People have given us a bit of their life stories and the drama has certainly resonated with them.

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“It has been very comforting to receive the donations because I think it reflects confidence in our work and it means our work is valued.

“The donations are going to make a big difference to us. It is a huge filip.”

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Mr Tobin said those working at Iceni have been touched by the kind comments they have received since the drama was aired.

He was also pleased with how sensitively the lives of the sex workers were portrayed.

Mr Tobin said: “We were concerned from day one that the BBC was going to handle this appropriately and responsibly. It quickly became apparent that the director and writer were keen to ensure the story was accurate.

“From the reaction we have had I think they have achieved a very, very poignant and accurate portrayal of the events that occurred. However, more importantly, it was about the girls and their families.

“From the donations, that’s the same theme that keeps coming back – ‘it could have been my daughter’.

“The drama was a watershed for us and I hope it has found a sensitive closure for all those involved.”

If you need advice about substance abuse telephone Iceni on 01473 214006.

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