'Dyer's sister used car for drugs run'

A CAR belonging to the sister of former Ipswich Town star Kieron Dyer was used to collect drugs from London to sell on the streets of Ipswich, it has been alleged.

Jane Hunt

A CAR belonging to the sister of former Ipswich Town star Kieron Dyer was used to collect drugs from London to sell on the streets of Ipswich, it has been alleged.

Kirsha Dyer's black Peugeot with a personalised number plate K18 DYR was used for regular trips to the capital and when she was arrested wraps of cocaine and heroin were found in another car she was driving, Ipswich Crown court heard.

During a police surveillance operation a listening and filming probe was placed in Dyer's car to record her movements and conversations and those of her passengers, said David Holborn prosecuting.

Before the court are Simon Akakpo, 21, of Rainham, Essex, Maxwell Appah, 22, of Ealing and Dare Salau, 22, of Plaistow who have all denied conspiring to supply class A drugs with other people including Kirsha Dyer in 2007.

The court has heard that Dyer, 20, of Bentley Road, Ipswich, was one of four people who have pleaded guilty to conspiracy to supply class A drugs.

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Outlining the case against Akakpo, Appah and Salau, Mr Holborn claimed they were involved in a conspiracy to supply drugs to addicts and users on the streets of Ipswich last year.

He said the business, which was known as the “J Business” was extremely well organised and involved regular trips to be made to London in Dyer's car to collect drugs.

Mr Holborn claimed that Akakpo, Appah and Salau sourced the drugs in London and organised their distribution after they were brought back to Ipswich.

He said Kirsha Dyer was the “conduit” or means of transport. “Her car was used on the majority of occasions to collect the drugs,” he said.

He said the other three people who admitted their involvement in the conspiracy had been responsible for supplying the drugs on the streets.

The court heard that police mounted a surveillance operation on the defendants in March 2007. As well as conventional surveillance techniques a probe was placed in Kersha Dyer's car to record conversations and film the occupants, and an undercover police officer posed as a drug user called “Scouse” to make test drug purchases, said Mr Holborn.

He alleged that during the operation which was code named “Operation Adrenalin” the undercover officer bought drugs from addresses in Downside Close and Winchester Way.

Mr Holborn claimed that an address in Canterbury Close, Ipswich was the centre of the drug dealing operation.

Dyer, Appah, Salau and another man were all arrested on June 7 last year after police organised a rolling road block on the A12 as the group were making a return journey from London.

Dyer was behind the wheel of the car which was a replacement for her black Peugeot which had been damaged in an accident in May, said Mr Holborn.

Officers were forced to smash the widows of the vehicle after the occupants refused to open the doors.

After arresting Dyer and her passengers officers discovered wraps of crack cocaine and heroin in the vehicle.

The trial, which is expected to last up to a month, continues today.

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