East Anglia: After cold start to 2013, brighter weather could be on the way

A very cold and frost morning in East Anglia - one of many over recent weeks

A very cold and frost morning in East Anglia - one of many over recent weeks - Credit: James Bass

WEATHER experts say it has been a particularly cold start to 2013 - with temperatures typically lower than even the last two years.

The first two months of 2013 have seen well below average temperatures in Suffolk and Essex.

Daytime temperatures at Wattisham airfield were significantly below the long-term average in both January and February – and also fell below average at night.

Meteorologists consider winter months to be December, January, and February, so they see today as the first day of spring – and there is some hope that things could be on the up, for a few days anyway.

Chris Bell from Norwich-based forecasters Weatherquest said the significant fact this year had been the length of time we have suffered from low temperatures.

He said: “Apart from a sharp spell in the early part of January when the snow came, we haven’t seen very low temperatures.

“What we have seen is temperatures consistently below average, day in and day out.”

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It was not uncommon to have cold spells of weather in this part of the country at this time of the year – although the length of this year’s chilly spell was significant.

“The east of England is often the coldest place in the country at this time of the year because the east winds come over the North Sea which is only about three or four degrees.

“That brings down the temperature and leads to more clouds, making it grey and gloomy. And it’s been like that for several weeks.”

February was a relatively dry month – which was a relief for many after months of above-average rainfall which led to flooding.

The change in season was bringing a hope of better weather over the next few days.

Mr Bell said: “Our indications are that temperatures will be a bit nearer normal over the next few days – that is still not very warm.

“However it does look as if temperatures could fall back a bit towards the middle of the month. People will still need their warm clothes for a time.”