East Anglia: Changing clocks have caused confusion over the years

Turning back the clocks can cause confusion

Turning back the clocks can cause confusion - Credit: Archant

As we prepare to bid farewell British Summer Time and turn the clocks back, we asked readers if they had ever got confused over the changing time.

This Sunday the clocks go back at 2am, meaning darkness arrives sooner in the evenings but there is an extra hour of daylight in the mornings.

Glenys Bright, of Gorleston, said: “Years ago my mum invited me and the family over for Sunday lunch with all the trimmings.

“I turned up at 1pm as requested - mum was a headmistress so a stickler for punctuality. We were quite relaxed as we had had an extra hour as the clocks had gone back.

“Well ours had anyway the rest of Britain had put them forward so the five of us were two hours late.

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“This was in the days before mobile phones so she had no way of contacting us to ask where we were.

“She never let me forget to her dying day the day her Sunday lunch was ruined by us turning up late.”

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Meanwhile, Keiran Real got in a muddle when he woke at 4am after putting the clocks back. It was bright outside but he put it down to the fact he had put the clock back an hour.

He said: “I went to be for another three hours. Then when I woke my boss was calling me. My clock had stopped at 4am and I had actually woken at 7am originally.”

Stan Oliver also suffered an alarm drama on the night the clocks changed, this time at the start of British Summer Time.

He said: “I once forgot to put my clock forward before going to bed but then there was a power cut during the night so the alarm didn’t go off anyway. I suppose that means I overslept twice in one day - is this a record?”

Don’t forget to turn your clock back at 2am on Sunday, October 27.

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