East Anglia: Dry weather fails to prompt hosepipe ban

WATER bosses have ruled out hitting Suffolk with a hosepipe ban – despite one of the driest springs on record.

Anglia Water says its reservoirs are 90% full and that supplies will not be restricted – even if the dry conditions persist into the summer.

Weather experts say Suffolk experienced just 15% of expected average rainfall in April, plummeting to 10% so far this month.

Peter Simpson, managing director of Anglia Water, said the company’s drive to fix leaks and burst pipes during December’s big freeze has helped it cope with the dry spring.

He said: “Together with careful collection and storage of the water available to us over the winter it means I can tell customers our water supplies are secure for the year, even if high temperatures continue well into the summer.

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“No one should think we are complacent. The reason we planned well for dry weather is because we live in the driest part of the UK with a third less rainfall than the rest of the country.

“Climate change and a fast growing population mean water will only become scarcer and future supplies will only be secure if customers help us.”

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Jim Bacon, managing director of Norwich-based Weatherquest, said rainfall during the winter was more important for topping up reservoirs.

He said: “In summer rainfall is a lot less useful for water authorities because the rain hits the ground and evaporates very quickly because of the heat.

“Summer rainfall is never seen as particularly useful (for water supplies) but it is useful for gardeners, farmers and horticulturists.”

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