East Anglia marks Father’s Day with special messages to special dads

Father's Day

Father's Day - Credit: Archant

People all over East Anglia will be honouring their dads this Sunday as the country celebrates Father’s Day. Martine Silkstone asked people from across the region what makes their father special.

Emily Silkstone with her dad Stuart

Emily Silkstone with her dad Stuart - Credit: Archant

Stuart Silkstone, Suffolk

Emily Silkstone says: “I wouldn’t trade my dad for the world. No one else in my life can make me laugh like my own father. He seems to be able to say anything and somehow make it hilarious. He is the perfect father figure but he is also my friend and is there for me when I’m feeling low. He keeps me positive and yet he has a side of him that is also firm in particular circumstances - this can be annoying as a teenager but deep down I know that he loves me and is most likely right in these situations (even if I still won’t admit it). The way he steers me onto the right path, and tells me the difference between what is right and what is wrong, is the reason he is the best dad (sorry mine’s better than yours). More than anything I love him unconditionally.”

Miranda Godfrey and her father Brian.

Miranda Godfrey and her father Brian. - Credit: Archant

Brian Godfrey, Norfolk

Miranda Godfrey says: “There’s the best, then there’s my dad. My father is a strong and proud man who is not always emotionally demonstrative but whose mere presence makes me feel safe and loved. From early memories of being wrapped inside his warm coat on a cold day and holding his enormous hand, to rides on the back of his motorbike with my arms wrapped tight aound him and now watching him as Father Christmas with my own children - I know he loves me and he is there if I need him. In fact, ‘being there’ is just one of the many things that makes him so special. As a family we grew up with plenty of love, if not riches or material wealth (I’m trying to forget the haircuts and home-made clothes!) and our closeness now is a tribute to that wonderful, caring childhood. Watching him now with his many grandchildren, I hope they know how lucky they are to have him in their lives. I know I speak for my four siblings when I say we have a dad in a million.”

Becky Rodwell and her dad Colin Morgan

Becky Rodwell and her dad Colin Morgan - Credit: Archant

Colin Morgan, Suffolk

Rebekah Rodwell says: “I can think of many great memories as a child but one fond memory I have of my dad is of the stories he would make up to tell me and all the times he put voices to animals we would come across - that always had me giggling away (and still does). As an adult, I now get to enjoy our father daughter theatre trips on a regular basis. As a wonderful teacher for many years, I can remember many a time when I would be told by his pupils how funny and ‘cool’ he was in class. Many a proud moment for me! So, here’s to a wonderful father and Pa on Father’s Day. Thank you for being a loving, funny and supportive constant in our lives. You have always been a father to admire...however the worst person to play Trivial Pursuit with as you know too much! As Shakespeare once said: ‘It is a wise father that knows his own child.’ Becky and Jack love you.”

Georgina Clark with her dad John

Georgina Clark with her dad John - Credit: Archant

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John Clark, Suffolk

Georgina Clark says: “I wanted to write this piece for my dad because I never seem to find enough time to truly thank him for all that he does. He’s not just my dad; he’s my best friend, my court jester, my fixer-of-broken-things, my shoulder to cry on, my wardrobe consultant and my bank account! For 22 years he’s sacrificed his time, love, money, patience and sanity raising me. He even sold his motorbike to buy my first pony – giving up his passion so I could have my dream. He’s never missed a parents evening, a school play or graduation. He’s kept me going and believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself. So dad, I hope I make you proud and I hope you know that I love you, unconditionally.”

Le-Anne Burman with her dad, Tony Thorpe

Le-Anne Burman with her dad, Tony Thorpe - Credit: Archant

Tony Thorpe, Suffolk

Le-Anne Burman says: “My dad Tony is the best. He cares for my mother, who has MS, 24/7. I remember when me and my sister were growing up he would be working long hours but always had time for us, building Wendy houses and a very steep-angled see-saw - I remember it could have catapulted you to the moon! I just want to say to him: thank you for being a fantastic dad and everything you do for mum. Love from Jo-Anne and Le-Anne.”

Emily Revell and her dad, Peter

Emily Revell and her dad, Peter - Credit: Archant

Peter Revell, Norfolk

Emily Revell says: “My dad has an incredibly silly sense of humour. The two of us have a tradition on April Fool’s Day. Every year he tries to trick me and every year I try desperately not to fall for it, but I think there’s only been one year out of 22 when I haven’t. My earliest memory of this is being woken up in the early hours of the morning, to him in an excited panic telling me to get downstairs quickly because our cat had given birth to kittens. As an overjoyed and slightly deranged eight-year-old, I followed him as fast as I could only to find there were no kittens just my father doubled over in hysterics. I cried. Maybe that one was slightly cruel but since then he’s honed his skills somewhat. The most impressive trick was during my third year at university - he orchestrated a letter from MI5 telling me I’d been secretly scouted as a soon-to-be graduate for an interview with them...I can’t believe I fell for that one. To top if off, one of the most embarrassing things he’s ever done was greeting ten of my friends and I, aged 18, at the airport with a chauffeur sign saying ‘PeeWee and Friends’.”

Paul Barber with his granddaughter Daisy

Paul Barber with his granddaughter Daisy - Credit: Archant

Paul Barber, Suffolk

Danielle Barber says: “Mine is a dad in a million. He has made me laugh so hard I cried (like the day I pulled his pants up over his head). He is truly the most amazing man I have ever met. Not only has he been an amazing dad to me but he’s also a one in a million grandad to my little girl who looks up to him as a father figure. He’s the man who has not only taught her all the naughty things but also put security in her life - no one will ever replace him. So from me and Daisy, thank you dad for being our real life hero. We love you so much.”

Rebecca Silkstone with her dad Maff Holladay

Rebecca Silkstone with her dad Maff Holladay - Credit: Archant

Maff Holladay, Essex

Rebecca Silkstone says: “My hard working father was once asked by his employers to give a list of his hobbies - he simply said ‘being with my family’. I remember one frosty Sunday morning he drove me to a football game which we lost in the usual catastrophic fashion. I came off the pitch angry, freezing cold and disappointed, to his smiling face, an arm around my shoulders and ‘you played so well’. I stomped off to the changing rooms, sulking on the journey home in his old, unreliable (to say the least) car. He loved cars, but with four children he wouldn’t afford the one he wanted until retirement. Luckily, his priorities were in the right place. He married his first and only love and after 38 years of marriage you’ll still see them skipping, hand in hand and laughing. His own mum described him as ‘sunny’ which is absolutely true, he is gentle and kind and nothing I could ask of him would ever be too much.”

Kayleigh Gooderham (left) with her Dad Ian and sister Maisie

Kayleigh Gooderham (left) with her Dad Ian and sister Maisie - Credit: Archant

Ian Gooderham, Suffolk

Kayleigh Gooderham says: “Dad, we are so lucky to have you. Thank you for all the lunches and dinners you have brought us and thanks for making us smile and laugh until we cry. You are truly wonderful – even if you do use too much hair gel and wear Air Max with fishing shorts. I appreciate your constant sarcastic criticism because you’ve taught me to always become better. Thanks for attempting not to pick a favourite daughter. We love you lots and lots and we wouldn’t change you for the world!”

David Watson

David Watson - Credit: Archant

David Watson, Suffolk

Georgia Watson says: “I’d like to say a huge, huge, enormous thank you to my dad this Father’s Day as this year he helped my partner and me to buy our very first home together! My dad is the most hard-working person I know. When I was growing up he would wake at dawn to head out on the farm, returning as it got dark. Now he’s diversified the farm to become a beautiful campsite (Mill Hill Farm Caravan & Campsite – if you love camping and fishing it’s the place to go!) he works even longer hours, seven days a week. Despite this, he’s always there at the end of the phone for me. Whether I’ve got a flat tyre (again!) or my boiler is making a funny sound, he’ll be there with a helping hand. Thanks again dad, I’ll never be able to say it enough and I can’t wait to celebrate together with a barbeque in my new home!”

Louisa Baldwin with her dad Nigel

Louisa Baldwin with her dad Nigel - Credit: Archant

Nigel Baldwin, Norfolk

Louisa Baldwin says: “I don’t know anyone that works harder than my Dad and although I may not say it much, I’m so grateful for all the support he’s given me, particularly through my degree at UEA. He’s also an epic guitar player - though it does sound like a strangled cat when he decides to sing along too - and despite having two allotments has turned my bedroom into the set of Gardeners’ World since I’ve moved out. My friends are always saying to me ‘Nige is a legend’ and I do admit he has decent banter, but it’s not their Dad that’s performing ‘Hey Big Spender’ on his guitar with full dance routine at their birthday party. I suppose I can at least be relieved he’s stopped sending me job adverts for B&Q and Screwfix, which he did throughout my late teens in a desperate attempt to get DIY discounts. Happy Father’s Day Dad!”

Caroline Culot with her Dad Ian Bowler

Caroline Culot with her Dad Ian Bowler - Credit: Archant

Ian Bowler, Suffolk

Caroline Culot says: “Late last year, my dad kissed my 77 year-old mum and I good luck as we both went down to theatre for a kidney transplant operation. I’ll never know what he went through over several hours as his wife and daughter were both on the operating table. I’m incredibly proud of my Dad, 76 and Derbyshire-born, who last year also found himself in hospital for the first time when diagnosed with prostate cancer, from which he’s now fully recovered. I think I’m a lot like my Dad who is very determined. He worked briefly down the mines as a young man before going to night school to qualify as an electrician, ending up in management at Sizewell power station before retirement. He loves holidays, playing tennis and has a cheeky sense of humour and when we’re together, we tend to get chastised by my mum who’s put up with him for 54 years. But if ever there’s a crisis, he’s the man to have around as he’s methodical, quick thinking and doesn’t panic. I love him very much.”

Paul and Emily Cotton

Paul and Emily Cotton - Credit: Archant

Paul Cotton, Suffolk

Emily Cotton says: “For as long as I can remember, my dad has been more than just a dad. When I was younger he took on many other roles. He was a personal chauffeur (dropping me off and picking me up from wherever I’ve wanted to go), a repair man (managing to fix anything and everything I’d break) and a never-ending cash machine (lending me money whenever I was a little short). I’d like to say I’ve grown out of needing my dad for these things, but that’s probably not entirely true. All of this, for god knows how many years, and he’s never complained once. Over the years, he’s proven to be a pretty great partner in crime when it comes to winding up Mum too! Thank you Dad and happy Father’s Day.”

Liz Nice with her dad Roland

Liz Nice with her dad Roland - Credit: Archant

Roland Nice, Suffolk

Liz Nice says: “My dad has always been a nightmare. Tricky. Appallingly behaved. The world’s worst swearer. And he always votes for the wrong party – goading me with it, as though he is right, when of course he is horribly deluded. Once, I brought a boyfriend home to find my dad with my brother pinned to the floor – he was actually farting on his head. How I have emerged as fabulous and cultured as I am is a complete mystery. It is a mystery to Dad as well who attended my Oxford graduation shaking his head. “I don’t know where she gets it,” he said. Dad used to wind me up so much that I could barely be in the same room with him. But he has mellowed of late and recently, when I really needed him, he spoke to me with such kindness and love, it brought tears to my eyes. Thanks, Dad. You see, with all that he is, and for all the times he has driven me up the wall, I love that old git who will be 80 next week. Oh, and it has been said that I am tricky, appallingly behaved and the world’s worst swearer, and I am proud to say that I know exactly where I get it.”

Lauren Clarke with her dad Andy

Lauren Clarke with her dad Andy - Credit: Archant

Andy Clarke, Norfolk

Lauren Clarke says: “My dad is the biggest legend I know! Not only because of his immense steak eating abilities and being my cash point in life (thank you), but because he never fails to make me laugh. As far as dad’s go, mine is my best friend! Dad, I will never be able to thank you enough for everything that you do for me. Well done for creating someone so awesome - have a wonderful Father’s Day.”

Ella and Lucy Cunningham with their daddy Reece

Ella and Lucy Cunningham with their daddy Reece - Credit: Archant

Reece Cunningham, Norfolk

A poem from Ella and Lucy Cunningham to their daddy Reece:

“We gave you a hard task, when we arrived together,

your two cherub muffins (that’s us) Lucy and Ella!

But we want you to know what a great daddy job you do,

and how you’ve become our best friend too.

We love every morning spent just us three,

daddy/daughter breakfasts with Peppa Pig on TV.

You play the best games, like horsey rides in the house.

It’s fun when we’re dinosaurs and you get scared like a mouse.

You read us ‘nice’ stories and cuddle us tight,

always making sure you to kiss us goodnight.

We thank you for always helping our mummy

and making even rainy days feel like they’re sunny.

You’ve taken us on great adventures right from the start,

making beautiful memories we know you’ll keep in your heart.

So do you see daddy, you truly are the best,

so this Father’ Day, take a well deserved rest.”