East Anglia: Postmen and women to map GPS co-ordinates of properties in region

THE ROYAL Mail is piloting an initiative across the region to improve the accuracy of location-based information which is used, for example, by satellite navigation systems.

The pilot is going ahead in East Anglia from today and will be rolled out across the UK later this year if it is successful.

Postmen and women will be mapping the GPS longitude, latitude and altitude co-ordinates of every property in the region using a satellite receiver.

With mail volumes in decline, Royal Mail said it was important it continued to expand its range of trusted services and it was undertaking this initiative in response to a need by businesses and consumers for more accurate local information.

Royal Mail’s Keith Jones, who is leading the initiative, said: “For individuals and companies, many everyday activities involve using information which is based on the location of an address.

“The emergency services, satellite navigation systems used by motorists and Smartphone applications use this information.

“Mapping the co-ordinates which are accurate to the front door of addresses across the UK will help improve the accuracy of this information.”

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He added: “Royal Mail has a long history of providing location-based information used by the emergency services, Government departments, local authorities and tens of thousands of businesses across the UK.”

Royal Mail already provides one of the UK’s most widely-used location-based tools – the postcode.

It is writing to every address in East Anglia to make people aware of the initiative. There will be no impact on the postal service delivered by Royal Mail – it is business as usual for deliveries and collections.

No personal or confidential information will be collected as part of the initiative.

For more information on the initiative visit www.royalmail.com/pinpoint

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