Will Labour join Tories in political oblivion after East Anglia’s Euro-vote?

Are Labour and the Tories facing wipeout from East Anglia's voters? Picture: AP PHOTO/GEERT VANDEN W

Are Labour and the Tories facing wipeout from East Anglia's voters? Picture: AP PHOTO/GEERT VANDEN WIJNGAERT - Credit: AP

Voters are going to the polls again today to vote for new MEPs – and it looks as if they could be about to give both major parties a bloody nose.

European elections are held under a proportional representation system with voters in the six counties of the East of England electing seven MEPs.

Projections of the latest opinion polls suggest East of England voters will elect four MEPs from Nigel Farage's Brexit Party and two from the Liberal Democrats.

Some polls suggest that the last MEP could be Labour's Alex Mayer or the Green Party's Catherine Rowett - they agree that the Conservatives are unlikely to see any of their candidates elected.

The most recent poll, by YouGov, was published in The Times yesterday. If accurate (and YouGov polls have usually been the most accurate in recent elections) it would see the Greens taking the last seat - confining both Labour and the Tories to the European wilderness in this region.

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Nationally the poll suggests that The Brexit Party would win 34 of the 70 seats up for election today. The LibDems would come second with 13, the Greens and Labour would each win nine. The Conservatives and Scottish Nationalists would each take two seats with one for Plaid Cymru. The three Northern Ireland seats would be shared between the Democratic Unionists, Sinn Fein and the Alliance Party.

UKIP and the new Change UK party are not expected to win any seats in the election.

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Voting is today from 7am to 10pm. You do not have to take your polling card to vote - and if you had a vote in the local elections three weeks ago you will be able to vote today.

However unlike local and general elections, the votes are not counted immediately - they are checked and verified tomorrow morning but they are not counted until Sunday evening because many European countries vote at the weekend.

The earliest a result can be announced from the election centre at Chelmsford is 10pm on Sunday - but the result from the East of England is not expected to be announced until about midnight.

We shall be at the count and you will be able to follow what is happening to the votes from the East of England online throughout Sunday evening.

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