East Anglia: Tolls could fund A14 corridor improvements

THE Government has today announced proposals for major investment along the A14 corridor in Cambridgeshire.

A new road scheme, which would include tolling, will be added to the Department for Transport’s (DoT) programme of major projects.

Subject to agreement with interested local authorities on a funding package and decisions at the next Spending Review construction work could begin by 2018.

The plans are designed to address congestion and long term capacity issues on and around the strategically crucial A14.

They include a new bypass to replace the existing road around Huntingdon and upgrades along the A14 as far east as Milton.

Two new roads would be built in parallel to, with one on each side of, the current A14 immediately north of Cambridge for local use.

Meanwhile, the existing A14 carriageway will be upgraded through the removal of accesses and junctions, and improvements to junctions at the northern and southern ends.

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A spokesman for the DoT said: “Study work has confirmed that funding for these can be generated in part through tolling a length of the enhanced A14, featuring around 20 miles of new or widened road. However, more work will be taken to determine the best tolling solution, including what length the tolled section should be, how users would pay and what the tariff should be.”

See tomorrow’s paper for full story and more reaction

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