East Euro constituency - in detail

East of England Euro constituency(covers Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire & Bedfordshire).Electorate: 4,137,210Seats at stake: 7.

East of England Euro constituency

(covers Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire & Bedfordshire).

Electorate: 4,137,210

Seats at stake: 7.

Full lists of seven candidates have been lodged by Labour, the Liberal Democrats, UK Independence Party, Green Party, ProLife Party, Respect - the Unity Coalition, and the British National Party. The Conservatives have a list of six, and the English Democrats five. There are two Independent candidates.

Method of election: the d'Hondt system of proportional representation using closed party lists.

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Polling stations open Thursday: 8am-10pm

Count takes place Sunday at district council level. Results collated by the regional returning officer David Monks at Huntingdon.

The full list of candidates:

(in party alphabetical order)

British National Party: 1. Matthew Charles Single (of South Woodham Ferres, Essex); 2. Paul Jonathan Goodchild; 3. Patricia Hazel Richardson; 4. Ramon Paul Johns; 5. Bernard Alfred John Corby; 6. Sidney Albert Chaney, Laindon; 7. Peter James Turpin.

Conservative Party: 1 *Geoffrey Charles Van Orden (of Bildeston, Suffolk); 2. *Robert William Sturdy; 3. *Christopher John Pridham Beazley; 4. Jonathan Morgan; 5. Claire Patricia Annette Strong; 6. Richard Normington.

English Democrats Party: 1. Robert Jervis Kay (of Pettistree, Suffolk); 2. James Brian Samuels; 3. Adrian Ralph Key; 4. Gloria Meredew; 5. Michael Thomas Martin.

Green Party: 1. Margaret Elizabeth Wright (of Cambridge); 2. Adrian Philip Ramsay; 3. James Edward Abbott; 4. Marc Scheimann; 5. Ingo Wagenknecht; 6. Stephen Lawrence Rackett; 7. Stephen Roger Lawrence.

Independent: Martin Bell (of London)

Independent: John James Naisbitt, commonly known as Jim (of St Albans, Hertfordshire).

Labour: 1. *Richard Stuart Howitt (of Cambridge); 2. Beth Kelly; 3. Clive John Needle; 4. Sandra Rose Griffiths; 5. Nigel Robert Gardner; 6. Valerie Doreen Liddiard; 7. Mark Adrian Wells.

Liberal Democrat: 1. *Andrew Nicholas Duff (of Cambridge); 2. Christopher James White; 3. Anne Kathleen (Kathy); 4. Rosalind Mary Gill; 5. Guillaume McLaughlin; 6. Earnshaw Desmond Palmer; 7. Nahid Boethe.

Prolife Party: 1. Sarah Teresa Anne Bell (of Luton, Bedfordshire); 2. Thomas Anthony Hoey; 3. Beata Anna Klepacka; 4. John Joseph Matthews; 5. Michael Patrick McBrien; 6. Gregory Patrick Tagney; 7. Clare Joan Therese Underwood.

Respect - the Unity Coaliton (George Galloway): 1. James Ernest Rogers, (of Harlow, Essex); 2. Mariam Cook; 3. Adrian Clarke; 4. Hasna Matin; 5. Paul Anthony Turnbull; 6 Marie Louise Bunting; 7. Timothy William George Sneller.

UK Independence Party: 1. *Jeffrey William Titford (of Frinton-on-Sea, Essex) 2. Thomas Harold Wise; 3. Robin Page; 4. Stuart John Agnew; 5. Bryan Garnet Smalley; 6. Brian Aylett; 7. Roger Gordon.

*Denotes Euro MP seeking re-election

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