Does your dog suffer with hay fever?

Dogs could be most at risk due to the high pollen count

Dogs could be most at risk due to the high pollen count (file photo) - Credit: Sincerely Media

A warning has been issued to dog owners ahead of a "pollen explosion" which could be triggered by rising temperatures in East Anglia.

Forecasters have said temperatures could reach as high as 14C in Suffolk and Essex this weekend.

While pollen season does not typically start until March, warnings have been issued that dogs could be most at risk of discomfort and irritation due to the conditions.

Camille Ashforth, pet care consultant at food brand Webbox, said: "Hay fever can cause serious discomfort for our beloved pooches.

"As it is commonly associated with sneezing, many pet owners often don’t realise that their dogs are suffering from seasonal allergies, which can worsen their discomfort.

"Certain breeds are more predisposed to allergies, which can be due to various factors, such as the shape of their noses and their type of coat. 

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"Symptoms most commonly manifest in dogs younger than three years old, but dogs can develop allergies at any age."

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