East Suffolk: Action Group call for Therese Coffey to fight for relief road in same manner as the A14 toll

Therese Coffey

Therese Coffey - Credit: Contributed

An action group objecting to the use of a road to service the proposed construction of Sizewell C nuclear power station have called on their MP to help fight their cause.

In a letter to Suffolk Coastal’s Therese Coffey, on behalf of the B1122 Action Group, chairman Roy Dowding said: “Anything you can do to fight for the B1122 relief road in the manner you so successfully did for the A14 toll, and to lobby those appropriate in central government to apply pressure on Suffolk County Council, Suffolk Coastal District Council and EDF Energy to recognise these issues and address them, would be greatly appreciated.”

The group is calling for a relief road to be built from the A12 south of Saxmundham linking with Sizewell, avoiding the B1122. This “D2” route was first proposed during the construction of Sizewell B and Mr Dowding says it remains the best option.

In the letter he adds: “The subject of the suitability of the B1122, and the junction at Yoxford, as the sole (or any) means of access for construction traffic is a far-reaching one.” He says there would be “destruction of the quality of life” for those living on the route and said the disruption would be “akin to that caused by Latitude festival, but for eight to 10 years rather than just four days.”

He added there would be a “very real danger of serious hold-ups to the site’s own traffic, causing substantial cost and time over-runs.” Mr Dowding also said there could be an extra £10million spent on additional fuel by the greater distance travelled compared to the direct D2 route. EDF has said it is aware of the concerns and would consider these issues when it releases more detailed proposals in the next stage of its consultation.

Dr Coffey said: “I have said from the start we need to address road issues on the A12 at Yoxford, Theberton and Middleton Moor. The D2 is a viable option which needs proper consideration.

“This particular issue needs considerably more work by EDF and the county council. I will continue to press the case now and in the next phase of consultation for Sizewell C.”