'Hidden gems' – Suffolk parks feature in new book

David Howden with his daughter Katelyn

David Howden with his daughter Katelyn on the bridge at East Town Park, in Haverhill, which is illustrated in Mr Howden's latest book. - Credit: Debbie Howden

Two beautiful Suffolk parks have been featured in a new children's book written by a local author and inspired by his nine-year-old daughter . 

Author David Howden thinks both East Town and Clare Castle Country Parks in West Suffolk are "hidden gems" - which should shine more in the imagination of Haverhill residents. 

Mr Howden said:  "Having lived in Haverhill, Suffolk for over 15 years, I really wanted to showcase some of my favourite local places in the book.

"East Town Park is one such favourite and is so magical it was easy to imagine this being visited by the characters in the book.

"We often visit there as a family to walk alongside the stream and play pooh sticks on the bridge. Another favourite location is Clare Castle Country Park with the old abandoned railway station. I really think they are hidden gems and we are lucky to have them so close."

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This is the Haverhill author's second book in the Tooth Bearer series, a tale of adventures with friendship, magic and courage to the fore.

David Howden with his daughter Katelyn celebrate the launch of the Tooth Bearer and the Masked Crown

David Howden with his daughter Katelyn celebrating the launch of the Tooth Bearer and the Masked Crown - Credit: Debbie Howden

The Tooth Bearer and the Masked Crown follows Katelyn on her mission to protect the fairy realm from the Darkness of Disbelief by encouraging her friends to continue to believe in the Tooth Fairies.

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However, Mr Howden explains a new adversary has a different idea to fast-track believers by dragging humans directly into the realm. Along with this, there is one problem they're still human sized people so they could destroy the realm and be lost forever.

He wrote the first story for his daughter Katelyn, who is the main character and the inspirational muse for The Tooth Bearer series - and who illustrates some of the books.

However, it seemed a shame not to share the stories wider so he decided to self-publish them through Amazon. 

Aimed at six to 11-year-olds, the Tooth Bearer series books are available on Amazon now. 

You will also be able to order in local bookshops soon. 

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