Test your knowledge with our fun spring and Easter quiz

chocolate easter egg

There's plenty of chocolate-themed questions in our special quiz - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Test your knowledge this Easter weekend with our seasonal quiz - how many questions can you crack?

Round 1 - General spring knowledge

1. What is the full name of the first day of spring?

2. When was the first day of spring in the northern hemisphere?​

3. Traditionally what is spring said to represent?​

4. When does spring start for Australians?​

5. Day and night are exactly the same length on the first day of spring? True or false

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6. Do clocks go forward or backwards in spring?

7. What is the proper name for a baby rabbit?​

8. What kinds of trees do visitors travel hundreds of miles to see in Japan in spring time?​

9. According to the NFU what spring flower does the UK produce 90% of the world's stock of​

10. Finish the saying; "April showers bring May _"

Round 2 - Everything Easter

11. What's the earliest date that Easter can be marked?​

12. How many Creme eggs are made each year?

13. From which country is the Easter Bunny said to originate from?

14. When were the first chocolate eggs made? 17, 18th or 19th century?

15.What food is traditionally eaten by Christians on Good Friday?

16. In America tiny marshmallow birds known as Peeps are enjoyed, particularly at Easter, but how many do they eat? 1 million, 1.5 million or 2 million?

17. By what time on Easter Sunday has the average child eaten their first Easter egg?

18. The tallest Easter egg ever was made in Italy. But how tall was it? 10.39m, 14.39m or 17.39m?

19. Which chocolate maker produced the UK's first Easter egg?

20. Which part of a chocolate bunny is commonly eaten first?

Round 3 - Unscramble the chocolate

For the next 10 questions you need to unscramble these chocolate bars which were rate the UK's favourite in a poll by the British Heart Foundation. 

21. csrnksei (1 word)

22. ulimdibdyyakarrc (3 words)

23. xalgya (1 word)

24. uyobtn  (1 word)

25. tkkiat (2 words)

26. wxti(1 word)

27. wrlti (1 word)

28. pasiw (1 word)

29. sabarmr (2 words)

30. kalef (1 word)

Round 4 - Suffolk spring names

For the next round we've found five spring and Easter themed road names in Suffolk and made up five others. Which are which?

31. Spring Road, Bury St Edmunds. 

32. Hop Street, Ipswich

33. Chick Crescent, Stowmarket

34. Church Street, Southwold

35. Cross Close, Haverhill

36. Egg Farm Lane, Aldeburgh

37. Cherry Blossom Road, Woodbridge

38. Daffodil Close, Ipswich

39. Lambseth Street, Eye

40. Chocolate Works Road, Needham Market


1. Vernal equinox

2. March 20

3. Birth or rebirth

4. September 1

5. True

6. Forwards

7. Kitten

8.Cherry blossom

9. Daffodils

10. Flowers

11. March 22

12. 500 million

13. Germany

14. 19th century

15. Fish

16. 1.5 million

17. 11am

18. 10.39m

19. Fry's

20. Ears

21. Snickers

22. Cadbury Dairy Milk

23. Galaxy 

24. Bounty

25. Kit Kat

26. Twix

27. Twirl

28. Wispa

29. Mars Bar

30. Flake

31. Real

32. Made up

33. Made up

34. Real

35. Real

36. Made up

37. Made up

38. Real

39. Real

40. Made up

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