Six music videos you forgot were filmed in Suffolk and north Essex

Ed Sheeran, British Sea Power and A-ha have all filmed music videos in Suffolk Picture: PA ARCHIVES/

Ed Sheeran, British Sea Power and A-ha have all filmed music videos in Suffolk Picture: PA ARCHIVES/GREG ALLEN/YUI MOK - Credit: PA ARCHIVES/GREG ALLEN/YUI MOK

From chart topping 80s stars, to club classics and castles on the hill - Suffolk and north Essex has been the set for a number of music videos over the years.

1) Stay on these Roads - a-ha

Released in 1988, Stay on These Roads was the title track from the Norweigan trios’ third studio album.

It was one of the most successful tracks from the album although never reached the fame of the group’s biggest hit ‘Take on Me’.

The film location for the accompanying music video was a very cold and snowy looking Aldeburgh.

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The town is most visible in passing shots of boats moored up on the beaches and shots of a nearby petrol station.

2) Sunny - Boogie Pimps

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Colchester Rollerworld was the location for a music video for this 2004 song which sampled the Boney M version of the hit song.

The roller rink is the central focus of the video as the characters skate around during the song.

‘Sunny’ reached 10 in the UK singles chat and is one of the best known tracks by the electronic duo.

3) Del Amitri - Cry to be Found

Aldeburgh is perhaps less recognisable in this 1998 music video by Glaswegian rock band Del Amitri.

The location for the video is Aldeburgh Caravan Park but it has more of a feel of an American trailer park.

The song was not one of the band’s best known tracks and only reached 40 in the UK singles chart.

4) Ed Sheeran - Castle on the hill – Framlingham, Felixstowe etc.

Perhaps the most well known artist on this list, but we couldn’t write this up without mentioning a certain Mr Sheeran and the love letter he wrote to his home county.

Castle on the Hill, remains one of Ed’s biggest songs reaching number 2 in the UK singles charts.

The video was shot across Suffolk from a children’s play area in Felixstowe, to the Mildenhall Stadium, Boyton Marshes and of course Framlingham itself in the final closing shot.

5) Belouis Some - Some People

Suffolk and Essex combine in this 1985 new wave hit from Belouis Some.

Large parts of this video are clearly filmed in Aldeburgh including a large amount of the seaside and street shots some of which are instantly recognisable as down the Crag Path.

However, the funfair scenes were not shot in Aldeburgh but a little further down the coast in Clacton.

The music video proved popular in the US and a second retake with the extras from the video was used for an advert for the watch company Swatch.

6) British Sea Power - Water Tower

A water tower might not seem the most logical place for a music video but British Sea Power were not concerned when they filmed this concept video back in 2007.

Not only did the band film the video there but they also recorded part of the album there too.

And where was this most prized of water towers do you ask? Well in Freston actually, near Ipswich.

Are there any we have missed? What other music videos do you remember being filmed in our region? Get in touch

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